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BP responds to internal memo

Release date: 30 April 2018

BP media statement

Petrol prices in New Zealand are highly competitive and we adjust our prices in response to local competition, particularly in instances where discounting has become unsustainable, which is what occurred in the lower North Island last year.


We believe competition on price will remain a key characteristic of the New Zealand fuel market in the coming years.


Because the New Zealand fuel market is already highly competitive we actively manage our prices on a daily basis to remain competitive, as well as provide the best possible customer service offering.


We currently have more than NZ$1billion worth of capital invested in New Zealand, with further investment an ongoing priority. Our investment decisions are made with the goal of supporting growth at both a national level and in regional areas across the country.


We know our customers have a choice so while we may not always be the cheapest in the market our objective is to ensure our total site offer is the best possible.

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