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Premium Fuels

Our premium fuels, bp Ultimate 98 and bp Premium 95 with ACTIVE technology, help keep your engine pumping. 

Our premium fuels, bp Ultimate 98 and bp Premium 95 with ACTIVE technology are our best ever fuels for cleaning petrol engines. Our fuels get to work the moment you start your engine and with ongoing use, helps remove harmful dirt and stop it from coming back. 


bp fuels with ACTIVE technology are specially formulated to help fight dirt in both old and new engines. 


Dirt can form and build up on critical engine parts over time, and can contribute to:

  • Reduced engine performance
  • Engine running less smoothly
  • Unplanned maintenance 


You can find ACTIVE technology in the following unleaded fuels:

  • bp Ultimate 98
  • bp Premium 95



With ongoing use, all bp fuels with ACTIVE technology are designed to help your engine perform better and work as the manufacturer intended.*


* Compared to bp 91. Benefits claimed are based on industry standard drive cycles in a laboratory and may not reflect real world driving results. Actual benefit may not be attainable for all vehicles, and may vary due to vehicle type, vehicle condition, driving style, driving conditions and other factors.