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Score fuel on us

Fill up at BP today, use AA Smartfuel and you could instantly win back the cost of your fuel! #fuelonBP
fuel on us

Have you got the golden touch?

Find out today at BP - we’re giving away fuel to customers – and not just a few litres here and there, either. We’re talking up to 10,000 possible winners in-store every day and one BPMe winner every hour of every day when you pay from your car. For six weeks!


On top of that, you’ll also find extra chances to win fuel vouchers and other cool prizes on our Facebook page. So be sure to check in regularly.


Happy fuelling… and best of luck!

bp fuel on us hose
bp fuel on us hose

Swipe in-store to see if you have the golden touch!

Simply fuel up at BP, swipe your registered card in-store and you could instantly win back the cost of your fuel!* Prize valid up to 50 litres.


With 10,000 possible winners every day for six weeks, we're pretty sure there will be a lot of happy Smartfuellers - we hope you'll be one!

Want to win from the comfort of your car? Easy!

We’re giving away up to 50 litres of fuel to pay-in-car customers every hour of every day – seven days a week for the next six weeks! That’s heaps of fuel for heaps of winners, so the odds are in your favour.


All you have to do is fuel up at BP, pay in-car with AA Smartfuel and you're in the draw. How good is that?