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The choice is yours

All you need to do is download BPMe and add your AA Smartfuel card
The Choice is yours, get your Freebie today!
It’s simple as one two free!

Unlock your reward today

Want to get more out of your BPMe app? Adding your AA Smartfuel card is an easy way to earn discounts at the pump. Better yet, do it now and you can take your pick from three great rewards, totally on us.


Choose your freebie. It’s easy.

Simply tap the ‘freebie’ tile in BPMe and add your registered AA Smartfuel or AA Membership card to choose your reward. If you don’t have an AA Smartfuel card, pick one up next time you’re in bp.

Your free car wash will be good for 1 year and your coffee offer will be valid for 30 days! It’ll be automatically applied to your next wash using BPMe.