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Save like Dave

AA Smartfuel is a really great way to save. Swiping and saving can feel like an awesome little victory in your day - a fist-pumping moment of mini celebration
Isn't it time for a discount dance?

And that's exactly how Dave from Auckland felt the other day when he swiped his card at BP and knocked a massive $21 off his last fuel up.

Here's how he did it: 

  • He earnt 30c per litre from having the Fuel Rewards Plus plan with Contact
  • Then another 6c per litre when he spent $200 in one week and swiped his registered card at Countdown
  • And finally he got 6c per litre from BP just by swiping his registered card


That added up to a whopping 42c per litre, so when he filled up with 50 litres at BP and redeemed his discount he saved $21.00.

Shot Dave!

As a result he had a disco dance moment. And weirdly that celebration looked a lot like William Waiirua cutting some shapes. But don't take our word for it, watch the video above and see for yourself.


Learn more about the AA Smartfuel programme and see the usual AA Smartfuel terms and conditions here.

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