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Support Surf Life Saving this summer

Buy marked items in-store and together we can help support Surf Lifeguards this summer. 

We’ve been proud supporters of Surf Life Saving New Zealand since 1968. And there’s one very good reason why we’ve been able to continue that commitment for over 50 years. You.


That’s because Kiwis have supported us over that time too, simply by fuelling up and shopping at bp. And that’s meant we can continue to get behind the brave men and women that’ve helped keep our beaches safer, summer after summer.


From now until 11 January 2022, when you head into bp you’ll see that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of selected products goes towards supporting Surf Life Saving New Zealand. Keep a look out for these items on shelves throughout the store, including the limited-edition Surf Life Saving New Zealand cupcake.


Every summer they help us. This is a fantastic way to help them. 

Terms and conditions: Donations based on number of units sold. Participating stores only. From 22/11/21 to 11/01/22 Authorised by Surf Life Saving New Zealand 93 Hutt Park Road, Seaview, Lower Hutt, Wellington 5010.