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Thank You Button

When someone lets you into their lane, it's always a
nice feeling. But how do you show your appreciation on the road?
A new way to say thanks on the road!

Be sun smart with your Thank You Button this summer


With the summer months fast approaching it's important to be aware of the effect the sun can have on items in a hot car.


There has been recent media coverage that has suggested there is potential for suction cups attached to windows to concentrate sunlight and possibly cause damage to property. You should also be aware that batteries left in the sun could possibly expand or leak in the heat. 


bp Thank You Buttons can be attached to windows using the suction cups and are battery powered, so we'd recommend you keep an eye on them as the weather gets warmer. 


If you're using a Thank You Button over the summer months, please remember to check the suction cups and battery regularly. If your car will be in the sun for a sustained period, maybe consider giving your Thank You Button a break while the weather is hot. 


It's also a timely reminder to make sure you Thank You Button is installed in accordance with the instructions we provided with it.


Wishing you a safe and happy summer!

Thank You New Zealand
Bentley the dog and owner
Thank You Button