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Win the Ultimate Supercars Experience

The promotion 'Win the Ultimate Supercars Experience' has ended.


All qualifying entries are retained for the major and grand prize draws which will take place on Friday 26 August 2022. A total of 53 winners will be draw from all qualifying entries. Winners will be notified by phone or email from bp. Prizes are allocated within 48 hours of winners’ accepting their prize.


Top up on top performance and win! 

As official fuel supplier of the Repco Supercars Championship, we're giving fans a chance to win The Ultimate Supercars Experience at the ITM Auckland SuperSprint in September.


Spend $40 or more on bp Ultimate 98 or bp Premium 95 using your registered AA Smartfuel or AA Membership card between 27 July – 23 August 2022 to be in to win! 


You can also score bonus entries when you:

  • Use BPMe to fill up on bp Ultimate 98 or bp Premium 95
  • Purchase a car wash in the BPMe app
  • Buy specially marked items in-store - these include any Castrol product, Monster Energy Super Fuel and Coca-Cola 440ml range. 

The Ultimate Supercars Experience:

There’s over $20,00 in prizes up for grabs. There are 50 double 3-day trackside passes with Paddock Access to the ITM Auckland SuperSprint and three 'bp Ultimate experiences' that include:

  • Double 3-day trackside passes with Paddock Access to the ITM Auckland SuperSprint 
  • Grid walks 
  • Course car rides in the bp Ultimate Safety car 


bp Premium Fuels 

bp Ultimate 98 and bp Premium 95 with ACTIVE technology is designed to help remove dirt and help keep your engine working as the manufacturer intended. 


With ongoing use, bp Ultimate 98 with ACTIVE technology can help to deliver more power, enhanced responsiveness, a smoother drive and make your engine run more efficiently.*


 * Compared to bp 91. Benefits claimed are based on industry standard drive cycles in a laboratory and may not reflect real world driving results. Actual benefit may not be attainable for all vehicles, and may vary due to vehicle type, vehicle condition, driving style, driving conditions and other factors.

Frequently asked questions

What is the 'Win the Ultimate Experience' promotion?

'Win the Ultimate Experience' is a promotion run by bp where customers can win tickets to the ITM Auckland SuperSprint Supercars event by purchasing selected products at bp.


When is the ITM Auckland SuperSprint?

The ITM Auckland SuperSprint is on 9 – 11 September 2022 at Pukekohe Park Raceway. 


How can I enter the draw?

Customers can enter the Ultimate Experience promotion by using their registered AA Smartfuel or AA Membership card at bp when they make a qualifying purchase. There are several ways that customers can participate in the draw:

  • Spend $40 or more on premium fuels (bp Ultimate 98 or bp Premium 95) in a single transaction and scan a registered AA Smartfuel OR AA Membership card. Every $40 spent will earn an entry e.g., $80 = 2 entries, $120 = 3 entries
  • Purchase a Bonus Entry Product, one entry per Bonus Product bought in-store only at bp
  • Use the BPMe app to pay for a car wash or premium fuel grade (bp Ultimate 98 or bp Premium 95) at BPMe-enabled bp Service Stations to earn one additional entry
How long does the Promotion run for?
The Ultimate Experience promotion will start on the 27th of July, 2022 and close on the 23rd of August, 2022 at 11:59pm
What are the prizes?

There are a total number of 53 prizes to be given away to the ITM Auckland SuperSprint valued at over $20,000! 

  •  50 x double (2) 3-Day Trackside passes with Paddock access to the ITM Auckland SuperSprint valued at $157.50 each. 
  • 3 x Ultimate Experience packages for the ITM Auckland SuperSprint which include:
    Double (2) 3-Day Trackside passes with Paddock access tickets (valued at $157.50 each), Supercars Grid Walks (valued at $250 each) and bp Ultimate Safety Car Course Rides (valued at $500 each). 

This is a ticket-only prize. You will be expected to organise everything else related to your Supercars experience (e.g. travel, accommodation are not included).


All prizes are non-transferable and non-refundable.


Winners will be drawn on the 26th of August 2022

How do I know what the bp Bonus products are and where do I find these?

Bonus entry products include:

  • Monster Energy Super Fuel - Buy One Get One Free 
  • Coca-Cola 440ml range - 2 for $5 
  • Any Castrol product 
  • bp car wash purchased via BPMe


Bonus entry products will also be clearly identified in-store. 

Do I need to make a minimum purchase to participate in the Ultimate Experience draw?
Yes, there is a minimum spend required to enter this draw when purchasing fuel products. Minimum spend is $40 and needs to be bp Ultimate 98 or bp Premium 95. There are bonus products to participate in this draw, that do not require a minimum spend.
Can I just purchase a Bonus product and get in the draw?
Yes, bonus products entries are not attached to any minimum $40 spend.
Can I enter this Promotion with other AA Smartfuel partners?
No, this promotion is only available at bp.
Why does my AA Smartfuel / AA Membership card need to be registered?
It's important to register your AA Smartfuel or AA Membership card in case you are one of our lucky prize winners, we need to know how to contact you to allocate your prize. If you are already a registered AA member or AA Smartfuel cardholder, please check your account details are up to date.
I forgot to use my AA Smartfuel card at checkout, is there a way I can still enter?
To be in the Ultimate Experience draw you need to use your registered AA Smartfuel or AA Membership card at the checkout. We can’t retrospectively add in entries if you haven’t used your AA Smartfuel/Membership card. It’s not too late to ensure you are in the draw for the next time, please pick up an AA Smartfuel card and register as soon as possible.
How do I know if I have won a prize?
Prize winners will be contacted by phone or email by bp after the prize draw has taken place on the 26th of August 2022. Please ensure that your contact preferences are up to date on your AA Smartfuel or AA Membership account.
My AA Smartfuel / Membership card is not registered, am I still eligible for a prize?
No, without a registered AA Smartfuel or AA Membership card, we do not have contact information to communicate with you. Register as soon as possible as there is still time to be into win. (With future purchases whilst the promotion is running).
How do I check my total entries for this draw?
Entries are not visible on your AA Smartfuel or AA Membership account. To ensure you have as many entries as possible: keep swiping your registered AA Smartfuel or AA Membership card at bp and keep your receipts for reference. 
I am a bp customer and I am missing my entry, who do I speak to.
You must have used your registered AA Smartfuel or AA Membership card to be in the draw. If you are a bp customer and have questions about the promotion contact your friendly bp customer service representatives on 0800 800 027.
Is my personal information shared between bp and AA Smartfuel?

Your data is shared only once. This is on the first use of your AA Membership card at bp when your card is activated for rewards, to identify your account under both programs and link it. After the initial identification, your personal information is not shared between the two organisations for any marketing or communication purposes.


We are using an independent third party, data approved agency to identify winning entries pooled into the prize draws. Management of this process is in line with each organisation's data policies and complies with NZ Privacy Laws. Please see our terms and conditions page or privacy policies for further information.

Can BPMe Pay in Car customers enter this promotion?
Yes. BPMe customers will need to have a registered AA Smartfuel or AA Membership loaded on their BPMe account at the time of the Pay in Car transaction. They must have the latest version of BPMe installed to participate.