Grants for Research

Each year, the company provides grants for research in fields related to the company’s activities.

BP gives young scientists, along with undergraduate and postgraduate students, the opportunity to continue their studies, and to start their own research projects in the fields of energy, economics, geology, natural resource use, and the environment. 

Conditions for participation

The research group must consist of undergraduates, postgraduates, and researchers specializing in the following areas:

•	oil and gas business
•	oil and gas extraction
•	oil and gas refining
•	pipeline construction
•	conceptual design of ice-resistant structures
•	geophysics
•	seismology
•	geochemistry/petrochemistry
•	macroeconomics
•	reserves management
•	financial markets
•	international energy markets
•	business and government
•	game theory
•	econometrics
•	statistics

Among the main requirements for research projects are that they must have modern relevance and be consistent with current economic conditions and challenges, and that the results they produce should have the potential to be practically applied.

The company provides grants for research projects on a competitive basis. To apply, the head of the research group must submit a grant application.