Arts and culture

"Pan men and visitors all love the BP Renegades pan yard. Our pan yard is always inviting and the mural is a major attraction that draws people to the yard. This is one of the ways that we distinguish ourselves from the crowd and ensure that we remain one cut above the rest of the steelband sides and their designated pan yards!"

Trinidad and Tobago is known worldwide for its unique culture and many indigenous instruments and art forms such as the steel pan, parang and tassa. BPTT enjoys supporting the promotion of all of these, playing a keen role in the advancement of these cultural traditions.

The steel pan represents the ingenuity and innovation that results from Trinidadian interactions with our vibrant oil industry. BPTT’s association with the national instrument, the steel pan, dates back over 42 years, being the proud sponsor of the country’s oldest and most popular steel orchestras, the BP Renegades and the BP Renegades Junior orchestra. From our support of an ongoing programme that teaches pan construction, to partnering with the Pan in Schools Coordinating Council (PSCC) to deliver workshops in pan tuning and arranging through the use of computer technology, bpTT has demonstrated its commitment to keeping this part of Trinidadian culture alive.

The BPTT sponsorship of the National Tassa Competition 2012 brought together 20 of the country’s best Tassa groups to vie for top honours, giving voice to rhythmic drums and great enjoyment to the massive crowd on hand to witness the entertainment.

We are also long –time sponsors of the Marionettes Chorale, one of the country’s leading chorales, having been associated with them for almost 40 years. We look on with pride and delight as the Marionettes Chorale continue to grow, recently expanding to include a Junior Marionettes Chorale and Children’s Choir. They continue to establish themselves as a chorale of consummate professionalism, discipline, high musical standards and vitality.

BPTT continues to preserve and pass on our rich Spanish heritage with the sponsorship of the National Schools Parang Festival. Since 2001, we have consistently supported the development of Trinidad and Tobago’s budding paranderos in collaboration with the National Parang Association of Trinidad and Tobago. In supporting these avenues of self-expression that highlight the talent, skill and potential of the nation’s youth, bpTT achieves meaningful impact as an agent of progress in society.