Tobago Heritage Festival

The Charlotteville Natural Treasures Day is celebrated with a trek through history and a concert at night

BPTT has been involved in the Tobago Heritage Festival for more than 10 years, as the sponsor of the Charlotteville presentation of “Natural Treasures” Day. 

The Tobago Heritage Festival is a 14-day celebration of the island’s culture and traditions held annually from mid-July to August 1. Approximately 10-15 villages participate, with each village depicting some aspect of Tobago’s culture – dance, music, events, folklore, and traditions. 

Charlotteville is situated on the northern end of the island, a drive of approximately 1 ½ hours from the capital, Scarborough. 

Through bpTT's support of Charlotteville we hope to keep the traditions alive while fostering a closer relationship with the community and assisting with their sustainable development.

Charlotteville's Natural Treasures Day is a celebration of the community's rich heritage. The day begins with a trek through history which highlights several traditions and rituals. There is also a treasure hunt at Pirates Bay. The celebration culminates with a concert which features traditional dances and skits.

This year Natural Treasures day will be celebrated on July 20. The theme is "Recognition".