“This programme has opened doors as it drastically reduces cost barriers such as rent, transport and books. Brighter Prospects is helping Mayaro to become a model community by energising our young people and future leaders to achieve success.”

Investment in education is essential for facilitating the sustainable long-term development of Trinidad and Tobago. The visible impact education has had on human progress has driven bpTT to invest a significant amount of its Corporate Responsibility resources in this area. 

Our investment in education covers a range of initiatives – from remedial education programmes, to the provision of academic scholarships and incentives, to the facilitation of technical and vocational training. It also includes awards for the top Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) pupils in Mayaro and Tobago (students scoring 95% and above), as well as our ‘Teaching in the 21st Century’ initiative which equips educators to deal with the evolving needs of our students. The educational progrannes we support assist a wide range of persons, from the pre-primary school pupil in the Mayaro community, to the adults receiving the gift of literacy.

In the community...