Mayaro Resource Centre

“I just wanted to be better at mathematics and this camp is showing me that I really can achieve that goal. When something is this much fun, you don’t even realise how much you’re learning. When I pick up my maths book now, I understand so much more and that is a wonderful feeling.”

BPTT greatly enhanced the progressive relationship it had with the people of Mayaro in 2002 when it transformed a company employee sports and cultural club in the area, into a public service complex as a gift to the people of Mayaro. Managed by bpTT, the Mayaro Resource Centre is a state-of-the-art multi-purpose facility which hosts academic, vocational and sports training along with a range of cultural and social activities. 

The Mayaro Resource Centre is the only space within the community where residents can access post-secondary academic education. It hosts the Catholic Religious Educational Development Institute (CREDI), which provides certification for educators in the area. The University of the West Indies also partners with bpTT to provide the Mayaro residents with Advanced level secondary education through the UWI Open-Campus, as well as tertiary education in the form of three-year degree programmes and distance learning options.

In the community...