Shanntol Ince inspires with energy within

“Growing up people used to pity me,” says Shanntol Ince, Paralympic swimmer who will represent T&T at the Paralympic Games September 7-18th 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “I figured if they were going to pity me, I’d give them good reason.” The reasons why Shanntol is proud to be different, will be shared with world from August 14, 2016 in a ground breaking 90 second story to be showcased on television, in cinemas and online. 

“I train for hours six days a week – I don’t give up,” says Ince who also received specialty training, sponsored by BP Trinidad and Tobago (bpTT), at the Michael Johnson Performance Centre in the United States as part of her training for the upcoming Rio Games. “Even now, as a national athlete, people still see me and think I am limited by my disability but I’m not and this story…this campaign shows that,” said Ince. “It is pore raising. I hope that every person, able or disabled is inspired to just be their best by my story.”

Shanntol’s story filmed at her family home, Tyrico Bay and at the National Aquatic Centre shows Ince missing out on parties and being pitied but then focuses on her training, her passion and her energy within. “It felt like Shanntol may have pitied US during the filming, “ said Elyse Guevara-Harris of BP Trinidad and Tobago who oversaw the local production of the story which, at times took place in inclement weather. “In line with our commitment to safety we had lifeguards and full emergency teams on ready to address any situation during filming. I was nervous as the filming took place over a 3 day period with long hours for Shanntol, but she just kept smiling and pressing on – she’s a true inspiration.” 

“Our goal is to show that national pride should have no limits – physical or mental,” says bpTT Manager Corporate Communications, Danielle Jones-Hunte. “Shanntol is a true national ambassador and we are proud to help bring her story to the international stage.” The showcasing of the story aligns with bpTT’s four year commitment to support the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic and Trinidad and Tobago Paralympic Committees signed in January 2012.  BPTT’s partnership with these committees has also:
•	Facilitated the training of 18 top national athletes (selected by the committees), including Richard Thompson, Shanntol Ince and Jehue Gordon, at the state of the art training programmes at the Michael Johnson Performance facilities in the United Stated; 
•	Facilitated the specialty training of coaches and representatives from over 15 National Sporting Organizations (NSOs) by the Michael Johnson Performance programme from 2013-2015;
•	Allowed over 1,000 students across T&T to be inspired by local Olympic and Paralympic athletes; 
•	Supported the administration of the National Olympic and National Paralympic Committees in their duties preparing for the Games during the 2012 to 2016 quadrennial period; and
•	Set a new, local standard for sponsorship of national athletes.

“It is hoped that the national pride exuded by Shanntol and all our national athletes will live on well after the closing ceremonies of the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.” See Shanntol’s television advertisement here: Shanntol Ince - Energy Within 

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