"As a technical expert in the field, it feels great to give back of my time to lecture these students. I co-teach a final year Geophysics course, and it gives me great joy to share my technical and hands-on experience that I would have gained from bpTT to students in the field."

The long-standing partnership between bpTT and the University of the West Indies, extends beyond the Mayaro community, to the academic programmes at UWI, St. Augustine. The world-wide shortage of geoscientists prompted bpTT along with other stakeholders to establish an accredited Petroleum Geosciences programme in 2000 at the undergraduate level. Members of bpTT’s staff have lectured full semester courses, served as guest lecturers in specialised areas and mentored students during summer internships and final-year projects.

In a similar effort to build capacity and develop a cadre of high quality engineering graduates, bpTT has extended its sponsorship of the MSc programmes in Petroleum and Reservoir Engineering. This programme focusses on maximising production from mature reservoirs and gaining a better understanding of depletion and reservoir behaviours in complex subsurface formations.  Since 2007, bpTT has been contributing $800,000 a year towards the programme. Additionally, bpTT provides 10 bursaries annually at a total value of TT$100,000 to students of UWI in Engineering and the Social Sciences.

BPTT and UWI have extended this partnership into the area of economics. In 2012 the two institutions hosted a conference "Revenue Management in Hydrocarbon Economies" which explored the issues faced by countries which depend on revenue from hydrocarbons. In 2014 bpTT and UWI are planning to host another conference titled, "Creating a Culture of Transparency - Revenue Reporting."

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