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Cassia C progressing towards first gas

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4 July 2022
The Cassia C development is progressing towards first gas planned for the fourth quarter of this year.

The development is currently in the final commissioning phase which is the last phase before achieving first gas which is planned for the fourth quarter of

this year.


The jacket, or stand, was built at TOFCO (Trinidad Offshore Fabricators) and installed in 2020. The topside was built in Altamira, Mexico and was installed in 2021. The platform reached mechanical completion in April of this year, which means that all of the components have been installed and ready for the
commissioning phase.



Project general manager, Trinidad, Michael Daniel said: “It’s great to see Cassia C progressing through this last phase of delivery. Natural gas from the Cassia compression project is important to bpTT and Trinidad and Tobago and our business is working hard to bring the facility online. Offshore compression represents a new challenge for our business in Trinidad and Tobago and it’s exciting to be able to use this approach to access more of our gas resources.”



Cassia C is bpTT’s first offshore compression platform and will be its biggest facility to date. The facility will enable bpTT to access and produce low pressure gas resources from the Greater Cassia Area. Cassia C will be bpTT’s 16th offshore facility and will connect to the existing Cassia hub which lies approximately 35 miles off Trinidad’s southeast coast.


Production from Cassia C is expected to produce about 200-300 million standard cubic feet a day (MMSCFD). Production will go towards meeting bpTT’s gas supply commitments.


The Cassia Compression project fits into bpTT’s Area Development plan which outlines the direction and pace of the company’s activities to develop hydrocarbon resources. The plan includes a combination of exploration, development projects and activities focused on maximizing production from bpTT’s acreage. The plan focuses on continued investment in natural gas which will continue to play an important role in the energy transition as the world shifts to cleaner energy sources.




Cassia C is located 35 miles off the south-east coast of Trinidad and is connected to the Cassia hub. The platform is expected to produce about 200-300 million standard cubic feet a day (MMSCFD).



For more information contact:


Ryan Chaitram - ryan.chaitram@bp.com 772-3116

Luis Araujo - luis.araujo@bp.com 793-3374