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Volunteers transform early childhood centre

Release date:
25 October 2023
Dozens of volunteers showed up at the Newlands ECCE school in Guayaguayare over the weekend (14th & 15th October) to clean up and paint the facility and furniture for the benefit of the students.

Sponsored by energy company, bp Trinidad and Tobago (bpTT), the project was conceptualised and organised by the La Savanne Village Council, under the leadership of president, Sheldon Wilson. The project was made even more significant given the fact that over 20 years ago, the school was built on land donated by the village council.


According to Wilson, “We recognise that we all need to play a part in the upliftment of the education system, and what better place to start than with the youngest ones? In rejuvenating this pre-school, we are seeking to lift their enthusiasm to learn by providing an appealing and comfortable environment. bpTT has been supporting us for years now, and when we approached them with this project, they didn’t hesitate to get on board. Coupled with their support was the enthusiasm of the many persons who gave up their weekend to contribute and make this project a success.”



This project with the village council represents a part of bpTT’s most recent investment in the educational upliftment of the community, and also includes the donation of a photocopier to the Guayaguayare RC Primary School and repairs to the air-conditioning system at the Guayaguayare Secondary School.
Encapsulating the initiative was Matthew Pierre, community liaison coordinator, bpTT, “As part of bpTT’s sustainable framework, we have encapsulated aims and objectives like improving people’s lives, engaging stakeholders, enhancing the wellbeing of communities and integrating sustainability into our corporate DNA. 


“This project touches on every one of those objectives and continues our longstanding investment in education from the pre-primary to post-graduate level. The response from the volunteers shows that when we all work together, there is nothing we can’t achieve. This is a lesson for the wider society in terms of doing our part to uplift each other, especially our precious youth.”
The initiative was widely supported by stakeholders including teachers, parents, residents, the Strong Ones Youth Club, the Newlands Warriors Football Club, the Blackdeer Foundation, Mayaro Resource Centre staff, and students from the bpTT Brighter Prospects Scholarship Programme.


Started by bpTT in 2003, Brighter Prospects provides financial assistance to students from Mayaro and environs who gain access to tertiary education at approved institutions. Since inception, the programme has provided more than 650 scholarships, producing more than 450 graduates. Other than maintaining good academic standing, one of the requirements is that students must volunteer for the upliftment of the wider community.


For Brighter Prospects alumni and Local Government Councillor for Mayaro South/Guayaguayare, Delaverne Louison, this project embodied several ideals, “The synergy created by this project was exciting and uplifting to be a part of. The Brighter Prospects programme taught us that it’s a blessing to give as much as you get. The overall renovation of this school over one weekend shows what can be achieved when we unite for a worthy cause. I want to congratulate everyone who volunteered and, at the end of the day, it’s all for our future leaders. I am sure they will love their rejuvenated learning environment.”