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Youngsters show off home conservation projects

Release date:
22 April 2021
Pennacool.com along with their partners, bpTT, Shell T&T and The Ministry of Public Utilities continue to support the vision of expanding and offering free online learning material for primary schools in Trinidad and Tobago with the Science & Conservation online platform.

As part of the sponsors’ 2021 initiatives to educate and equip the next generation of leaders with the tools to transform the world into a greener tomorrow, they have executed a Home-Conservation project competition that went on for the course

of term 2 of the 2020/2021 academic year. This competition gave students the opportunity to create their version of a conservation project, using topics from the pennacool.com Science & Conservation platform.


Over 120 projects were submitted by primary school students across different schools, nationwide. The following students were awarded: Annabel Sookwah (Don Miguel Hindu School), Josh Gittens (Macaulay Government Primary School), Sattvika
Ragoonanan (Penal Government Primary School), Tavir Sanatan (Clarke Rochard Government Primary School) and Malik Howard (Woodbrook Presbyterian Primary School).


On Friday 26th March 2021, the five winners displayed their projects at the award ceremony held at The Ministry of Public Utilities. Members of the media, relevant sponsors from bpTT, Shell T&T and parents were all in attendance to congratulate the young enthusiasts.





  • Winner 1 – Annabel Sookwah (Don Miguel Hindu
    School) and parent
  • Winner 2 – Josh Gittens (Macaulay Government
    Primary School)
  • Winner 3 – Sattvika Ragoonanan (Penal
    Government Primary School)
  • Winner 4 – Tavir Sanatan (Clarke Rochard
    Government Primary School)
  • Winner 5 – Malik Howard (Woodbrook
    Presbyterian Primary School)