Volume 6 Issue 2 2014

Since inception, BP Trinidad and Tobago has focused on being a distinctively local energy company. This may sound strange for one part of a multinational organization to want to be seen as local, but we recognize that being an integral part of the socio-economic fabric of our society was key to our running a successful business in T&T. In a way, you can say we are “Trini by choice”. The culture of T&T is an integral part of our operations here. 

Though our values and critical operating processes are in line with what you would find at almost any of the hundreds of BP locations around the world, the energy source of bpTT is the heart beat of our people – the over 800 proud Trinbago born and adopted employees that have found a career at our company . This issue of Inside bpTT is dedicated to them. This is our people issue. 

The diversity of our business and work are told in the pages of this issue. As you flip through this edition, the stories of my colleagues, our work and our business come to life with the pride and positivity we feel about our country and company’s future. We have a robust well work programme being delivered this year with bpTT team members working to share expertise with colleagues around the BP world. This is how our company works – as one team, respecting the values and expertise of those near and far.

In every page of this issue lies an inspirational story of my local colleagues sharing their expertise. From the team of women working to prepare the Mahogany hub to facilitate increased production for the future to the Challengers (Graduate trainee program participants) travelling the BP world to improve the knowledge and understanding of the oil and gas business and the visit of the Minister of Energy to our largest producing facility (Savonnette), this issue is indeed a story of who we are and how bpTT is preparing for the future. 

In that vein, I am also proud that you may be reading these words digitally on our new bpTT App! The digital edition of this magazine includes additional information like videos of some of the people interviewed for this edition, a sneak peak at the music and visual art coming to life in the BP Renegades pan yard and links to learn more about our activities. 

Enjoy a look on the Inside! 

Danielle A. Jones-Hunte
Corporate Communications Manager
Danielle A. Jones-Hunte

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Elyse Guevara-Harris

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