Inside story: Thoughts from Norman Christie

We are well into the second quarter of 2014, and our commitment to working safely and building value for our stakeholders has not waned. At BP Trinidad and Tobago, we are powered by a workforce of employees and contractors who contribute to 17% of the BP group gas production, and approximately 25% of the Government revenue. This is a significant contribution that we must never take for granted, and our teams are working to build a safer and stronger company and country for the future.

In this People issue of the Inside bpTT, we are particularly proud to recognize the work of some of these employees and contractors who give their expertise, time and energy to our company. No matter where you look in BP Trinidad and Tobago you will find passionate, highly trained and dedicated staff who continue to be incredible assets to our company and this country.

In our lead article on the history behind the Savonette success story, I was privileged to tour the offshore facility and the Rowan EXL II drilling rig with the Honourable Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs, Kevin Ramnarine earlier this year. At the site, we were able to see the work that went into drilling Savonette wells 6 and 7, both of which were planned after the success of Savonette well 4 in 2012. But to hear the stories of 4 employees who have worked behind the scenes on the Savonette facility, 3 of whom are women, is indeed inspiring to understand what went into that success. 

Women at bpTT play a very important role as they make up over 30% of our workforce of over 1000 employees. This aligns very closely to BP’s Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) agenda which is a subset of the BP Values of Safety, Respect, Excellence, Courage and One Team. As a part of a global company, we aim to employ a workforce that is representative of the societies in which we operate, and strongly believe success comes from the energy of our people. The D&I agenda creates an inclusive working environment where everyone can make a difference and give their best. This is quite evident in the story on BP Women’s International Network (BPWIN) which hears from 10 female employees on “What makes bpTT a great place for women to work.” 

Our focus on women in the workplace is further showcased in the work that the Engineering teams are doing to increase the capacity of the Greater Mahogany hub by almost 100% to accommodate increased production from the wells that flow into this hub. These 7 women are playing critical roles in ensuring the success of this debottlenecking project, and are contributing toward making bpTT safer and stronger for the long term. 

One of the interesting features of this issue is the interview with two employees, a Challenger and a former challenger who were exposed to the many training opportunities provided by the BP Group that took them to Utah in the United States, and to the Pyrenees in Spain. These experiences are just some of the many benefits afforded to our employees who fly the Trinbago flag high and represent our country and our company across the world. This is where our expertise lies – in developing our young persons for leadership roles within the organisation. 

In sharing these stories with the wider Trinidad and Tobago people, there is no better place to end than to reinforce bpTT’s aspiration which says unequivocally: “We are pioneers within the BP global group with a distinctively Trinidad and Tobago identity. In delivering extraordinary business performance, we will actively participate in the development of the country by positively impacting the life of everyone who works for the company, every citizen and the global environment.” This aspiration stands true to this day and our goal is to ensure the bpTT legacy is lasting and that we continue to power Trinidad and Tobago for many years to come. 

Happy reading!