What makes bpTT a great place for women to work?

1. Camille Boodhai-Kangal 
2. Dana Nancoo 
3. Treena Amarsingh 
4. Sandra Gualbance-Ferreira 
5. Naila Haynes
6. Emma Charles
7. Karen C. Merritt 
8. Suzanne Roberts 
9. Claris Williams
10. Natalia A. Jacelon
11. Nicholette Johnson 

“The local arm of the BPWIN network has made bpTT a great place to work as it has allowed women to feel empowered to make a difference. It has created a safe place for women to speak up and allowed us to take responsibility for our work environment. This women’s network has afforded us the opportunity to influence the culture of BP Women and as a result build stronger relationships.” These are the words of Claris Williams, one of the 300+ women working at BP Trinidad and Tobago who feel motivated to work for this energy company.

BP Women’s International Network (BPWIN) was launched in 2009 as an umbrella organisation by the BP group to support the establishment and running of local women’s networks across the BP world. Established with an aim to foster, develop and retain talented women in BP by providing women a forum for connectivity with each other, the network has since expanded to introduce groups in other Regions. In 2012, the Trinidad arm of BPWIN was established.

Nicholette Johnson, local coordinator of BPWIN in Trinidad and Tobago remarked: “At bpTT, the women’s network became a welcome addition to the company’s offerings to employees that promote a healthy work-life balance. By focusing on relevant themes such as sponsorship, work life, health and family, volunteerism and leadership, we have reached a wide cross-section of our female staff by generating discussions in these areas that impact them daily.” 

The local BPWIN arm initiated a number of events and activities where the women of bpTT had the opportunity to network and learn more about career development in the workplace. 

Inside bpTT interviewed some of the female employees at BP Trinidad and Tobago and asked one main question: What makes bpTT a great place for women to work?

Suzanne Roberts – Facilities Management & Services Manager

One of the first philosophies I learned on joining BP was diversity and inclusion. This has influenced how I interact with others and my expectations of how the organization would treat me. As a woman and a mother in the workplace, my concern is my ability to nurture my child. BPTT has enabled this by recognizing my capability, providing me with opportunities to grow professionally, providing a compensation and benefits package that allows me to care for my family, and with flexible working arrangements. Over time, I have seen more women emerging as leaders, a testament to the organization’s value and recognition of women. This is significant to me as I know that I am working for a dynamic company that values its employees.

Emma Charles – PSCM (Procurement and Supply Chain Management) Category Specialist for Offshore Engineering Services

As an ambitious working woman and mother, bpTT creates a “perfume” to enable me to balance my main family priorities together with work. The key to this balance is the flexible working hours and trust and respect provided by management. The focus is not on how the work is done but the actual delivery of the work. Furthermore the abundance of female senior management at bpTT is evidence that women can excel here with the correct support through mentoring and sponsorship. 

Treena Amarsingh – PSCM Category Specialist

I have worked for many organizations and I have to stop and recognize that bpTT has taken a conscious decision to provide the working environment that promotes equal opportunity for women and progression in the work place. It brings great hope and motivation to see women on our leadership team and the same is being replicated globally. Women do not have to choose between motherhood and a career at bpTT, as the system allows for both paths to flourish. I thank the leaders for this paradigm shift and setting clear direction for this culture to grow. I look forward to a successful career and family here at bpTT.

Naila Haynes – Geologist, Reservoir Management

As an employee, what I want is a positive work environment that accommodates differences, gives me space to be myself and allows me to feel good about coming to work! What I like about bpTT is that, by creating policies around Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), the company has been proactive in taking steps toward breaking the mold of what had traditionally been culturally acceptable. The business’ support for the BPWIN initiative also suggests that there is a commitment from leadership to ensure that no deserving woman is overlooked.

Sandra Gualbance-Ferreira - Discipline Capability Coordinator

BP’s culture is diverse and inclusive, where all employees have equal opportunities working on the offshore platforms or the office, whatever their gender. I have observed female professionals develop and progress over the years from challengers to leadership and management. This journey does not happen as easily in other companies as it happens at BP. The BP experience is not by luck, it is a well thought out and coordinated roadmap to develop our women. As professional women in BP, we bring passion and balance to the table and it feels great and rewarding. I am proud to work at BP and feel that I am a valued employee, which makes it a great place for women to work.

Camille Boodhai-Kangal – PSCM (Procurement and Supply Chain Management) Planning & Performance Manager

Looking back at my eight year experience at bpTT, one of the things I valued the most and still value today is the opportunity to work with some of the best minds and experienced people in the industry, people I respect and can learn from. As a PSCM team member it’s great to see that the function’s Annual Operating Plan (AOP) continues to contain targets for Diversity and Inclusion panels which applies to most of world (MoW) and female candidates – a great example of speaking it, owning it and changing it. 

Dana Nancoo - Geologist, Resource Performance Unit

I am a geologist and bpTT is a great place to work for women in the subsurface discipline because with the Challenge and eXcellence programmes in place, there are equal opportunities for both young men and women to develop their careers. Women are respected for their views and the expertise that they have to offer. There were a few instances when I was the only woman on the offshore installation but I never felt scrutinized or out of place. BPTT also recognises that women at the leadership level are under-represented and it is thus making an effort to improve on that. This makes it an ideal place for aspiring young women to live their dreams!

Karen C Merritt - Controller, Accounting Reporting & Control, Finance

I have been with bpTT for the past eighteen (18) years, and I have held several challenging positions. I feel that I have always been given real opportunities to progress my career aspirations in the Finance field. I never felt any discrimination because of my gender for any job or developmental opportunities. As a working mother with two children in primary school, the flexible working hours lend toward maintaining a reasonable work life balance. After nine hours at the office, I can leave by 3:30pm, giving me enough time for homework supervision and extra-curricular activities.

Natalia A Jacelon – Learning Coordinator, Upstream Learning

I have worked in many different companies in Trinidad, I have seen and experienced where women are unappreciated in the work place. I feel a sense of pride to work at bpTT. Its diverse and inclusive culture allows room for all persons to strive to be the best they can be. The flexible working hours allow me the opportunity to further my studies, supports my growth as an individual as well as it provides me time with my family. One of BP’s core values is Respect - undoubtedly women in bpTT can say they are treated with respect. Over the years I have built great relationships, in all quorums I feel that my opinion matters and that I am recognised for my commitment and efforts. I am encouraged by the endless possibilities for my future and look forward to many more years of appreciation and success at bpTT!