Volume 5 - Issue 1 2014


The start of a New Year offers the opportunity to make plans and to reflect on the years gone by. This issue of Inside bpTT does just that – takes a look at BP Trinidad and Tobago’s plans for the future and reflects on bpTT’s impact on T&T over the years. 

A simultaneous approach to telling stories past and of plans for the future is taken in this issue’s focus on the once sleepy town of Mayaro. 50+ years since BP first laid roots in the community via our legacy companies, the community has matured from a simple fishing village to a town thriving with micro-enterprises, agri-business and even construction and retail centres. Learn more about how bpTT helped contribute to the development of the community in our MIPED story.  

Almost two generations have grown as our company has in Mayaro. Over $10 million has been invested in the Brighter Prospects programme which supports students in the Mayaro community to pursue their dreams of tertiary education. Hear their stories in “BPTT in Mayaro”. 

The Galeota Terminal facility is an important asset for bpTT and has been for over 40 years. Learn more about the Terminal and how it has changed from long time employee – Haroon Mohammed in the section – “Let’s Meet”

Over the years BP’s Trinidad operations have also become home to some of the world’s and country’s biggest pipelines. Our recently completed Pipeline Verification programme gives us greater information on the status of these pipelines and allows us to timely plan preventative maintenance programmes. We also give an interesting view of the bpTT pipeline network in an info graphic.

In 2013, bpTT completed the major maintenance works on the Amherstia and Cassia B facilities – work that increased efficiency and will make work in the future less difficult. The work on this maintenance programme took place both on and off shore. Learn more about some of the people who worked behind the scenes to make the work a success in “Behind the Turnarounds”. 

BPTT’s value of safety and the investments that we are making in our facilities and pipelines are critical to preventing safety and environmental incidents. However, should an incident occur, it is important that we are prepared to respond. To manage the inherent risk that is a natural part of the hydrocarbon business, bpTT conducts annual drills and exercises with the Mayaro and national community. These drills are designed to help build response capacity and help us respond, as a unified team in the event of any crisis arising in the future. 

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Danielle A. Jones-Hunte
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Danielle A. Jones-Hunte

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