Inside bpTT - Volume 7

BPTT is a business focused on providing mutual benefits to the country and our company. Today, over fifty years after we started operating, we continue to strive for better. Even as we prepare for T&T’s next development (Juniper), we review the work that our colleagues are doing today to make this and other projects a reality. 

In this issue of InsidebpTT we take a look at our blueprints for the future and how our colleagues are working to safely make them a reality. From the strong community partnerships we have developed (pages 4-8) to the overview of our One Team approach to working offshore (page 14), this edition shows how our business plans are brought to life in the people, processes and facilities we operate.

Even as we look to the original blueprints, we note the company was designed to allow for expansion and teams are working to make that possible. Our facilities are being prepared for the onset of production from Juniper (Mahogany Debottlenecking, page 10) and we are working to safely put all the required logistics in place to keep our current business operating while simultaneously building our future (Meet our Logistics Team, page 18). 

Blueprints are just drawings on a paper without the right skills and people to bring the plans to life.  Telling the stories of our achievements and preparations for the future is impossible to do without highlighting a few of my remarkable colleagues that work each day to keep our operations running safely.  This edition highlights the story of two of the men from our Mahogany facilities who work so closely they are seen as “brothers”.  We proudly recognize their contribution to our company. 

As we recognize the contributions of our staff, we also recognize that bpTT exists because of the support of the communities we serve. In past issues we highlighted our long term relationship with the Mayaro community (Vol 5, Issue 1, Pages 10-15). This time we take a closer look at one of our national programmes and look through the eyes of one recipient who is truly showing that the brick and mortar of plans for success are bound together with guidance and support. (Meet Stacy Graham, page 25). 

Mentoring and coaching are two of the ways staff at bpTT seek to support those who strive for better. Before I close, I recognize one person who has been instrumental in making this edition of Inside bpTT a success. Coached by our editorial team, bpTT Challenge Program graduate Rachael Caines found, lead and helped craft the compelling stories that gave life to this edition of Inside bpTT. I congratulate Rachael on a job well done and on improving the blueprints for the continued success of our publication and business. 

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Danielle A. Jones-Hunte, 
Editor & Corporate Communications Manager
The Mahogany Bravo Hub, offshore installation, located off of the south east coast of Trinidad.

Danielle A. Jones-Hunte

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