Inside Story: Thoughts from Norman Christie

"Every day we strive for better, to create a Trinidad and Tobago that everyone can be proud to call their own. The stories in this magazine are a testament to this"

At BP Trinidad and Tobago, we are continuing to work towards building a relentlessly safer, progressively stronger and consistently better company. This vision is underpinned by our commitment to always work safely and to create value for our stakeholders. We are creating value not just through the production of gas and liquids from the Columbus Basin but also through the development of our people and by helping to create a more sustainable Trinidad and Tobago. In this Safety issue of InsidebpTT, we shine the spotlight on the bpTT employees, contractors and partner organisations that are helping us to secure the future by proactively managing risks facing both our company and our country today.

In August this year we were pleased to announce the sanction of the Juniper project – the next phase of active development for BP in Trinidad and Tobago. The project will feature the construction of a normally unmanned platform together with corresponding subsea infrastructure, a first for BP Trinidad and Tobago. All the gas from the Juniper field will be processed through the already existing Mahogany Bravo (B) Hub. In our lead story, I am proud to introduce the bpTT team who are safely preparing the Mahogany B Hub to cope with the additional production from the Juniper field and other new wells in the Greater Mahogany and Amherstia area. It is an inspiring story of how we’ve introduced new technology and trained our employees, turning their knowledge into expertise, allowing them to successfully undertake one of the largest and more challenging engineering projects in the area. 

When the Juniper platform is built, it will be yet another addition to our assets of normally unmanned installations (NUIs).  The NUIs are an extremely important part of our infrastructure, accounting for more than 70% of our offshore installations. The logistics team and the NUI team will form an integral part of this operation. Our dynamic logistics team will be at the forefront of transporting people and equipment to the platforms whilst the NUI team will take charge of safely operating the platform from remote locations. These teams are gaining global recognition for their work from their colleagues in BP regions around the world and we are proud to share their stories with you.

In keeping with the theme of global recognition, we also take some time to recognise the bpTT teams that were commended at BP’s Helios Awards programme. The programme pays homage to those employees and teams that personify ‘BP at its best.’ BPTT had the 7th highest number of commended entries at the Helios Awards demonstrating that we are living up to our aspiration that mandates us to be a pioneer within the BP global group.

BPTT is also leading the way in helping to positively shape the long-term development of the country. I am particularly excited to introduce the ‘Beyond Borders’ programme, a result of a three way partnership between the Rose Foundation, the Ministry of National Security and bpTT. The Beyond Borders programme is helping residents, from deprived areas in Trinidad like Beetham Gardens, to strengthen community organisations and create businesses in their communities. In so doing, the Ministry of National Security has reported a reduction in gang related activity in these areas and are confident that these communities will become more productive contributors to national development. 

Moving from a micro to a macro-scale, bpTT’s support for the University of the West Indies’ Creating a Culture of  Transparency: Revenue Reporting conference sought to continue the national conservation that began in 2012 on the proper management of the country’s hydrocarbon revenues. I was heartened by the richness of the dialogue between students, civil society, energy sector leaders, the government and socio-economic experts on the long term sustainability of this country.
We understand the vital role that bpTT plays in shaping the economy and society and our Trinidad and Tobago aspiration is a constant reminder of the duty we have to every citizen of this country. Every day we strive for better, to create a Trinidad and Tobago that everyone can be proud to call their own. The stories in this magazine are a testament to this. 

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