BP Chairman takes taste of T&T

May 1, 2014

BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg got a first-hand view of BP’s Trinidad and Tobago’s operations and community outreach programmes when he visited T&T on April 29-30.

BPTT is a major contributor to the T&T economy, accounting for about 60 percent of national gas production. BP’s Trinidad operations also account for about 16 percent of BP’s global production.

It was Svanberg’s first trip to T&T since becoming chairman in 2010. During his visit he toured the Galeota Terminal facility with bpTT Regional President Norman Christie and members of the Galeota Terminal team. The Galeota Terminal, which has been operational for over 40 years, comprises a crude oil and stabilization plant, and is responsible for processing liquids from bpTT’s acreage off Trinidad’s south east coast. It is a critical component of bpTT’s infrastructure and is important to the country as well.

The Chairman took the opportunity to talk with members of the Terminal team and got a firsthand look at many of the terminal’s risk reduction activities that have been implemented to improve the safety, integrity and reliability of the Terminal.
Svanberg also met with the Ministers of Energy and Finance where they discussed global trends in energy and their relevance to an energy producing country like Trinidad and Tobago. Svanberg said “I am pleased to have met with the Ministers and to understand that BP continues to enjoy a very strong partnership with the government and country of Trinidad and Tobago.”

Svanberg also attended a community function in Beetham Gardens where he learned about a bpTT-sponsored programme, Beyond Borders which seeks to empower communities to chart their own development. Residents of the Beetham Gardens community, explained how the programme was helping to make a difference in their lives. Svanberg unveiled a wall of honour and buried a time capsule to commemorate his visit. Reflecting on this experience Svanberg said “We want to be a responsible citizen. From the first time I heard about this programme I wanted to come to see it. There is nothing more important than helping others to find their way.” Svanberg said it was heartening to see the positive impact that bpTT is making in Trinidad.
The Beyond Borders programme is one of many local programmes that form part of bpTT’s Corporate Social Responsibility approach that seeks to foster national development by partnering with organisations at the community level. 

Note to editors:

BPTT operates in 904,000 acres off Trinidad’s east coast. An affiliate company BPEOC also has Production Sharing Contracts for 899,000 acres in two deepwater blocks off the north east coast. BPTT has 13 offshore platforms and two onshore processing facilities.

Further information:

Danielle Jones, bpTT: +1 868 497-4747
Luis Araujo, bpTT: +1 868 793-3374 

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