BPTT president: Sawubona

December 10, 2013

More than 300 senior citizens from Mayaro and environs were honoured for their efforts in shaping their communities at a luncheon hosted corporate partners BP Trinidad and Tobago at the Mayaro Resource Centre on Monday, December 9th.

Saluting the guests was Norman Christie, Regional President, bpTT: “As I welcome you here this morning I wanted to say ‘sawubona’. It is a greeting used by the Zulu people of South Africa, a tribe from which the dearly departed Nelson Mandela was born, and it means ‘I see you’. I want you all to know this morning that I see you. I see you in all of your dignity, I see you for all of your potential, I see you as an honoured member of society and I see you as family. On behalf of everyone at bpTT we want you to know that we respect you and wanted to share your company in this season of hope and thanksgiving.”

This year makes it a decade since bpTT has hosted this event, and apart from the Mayaro seniors, less fortunate persons from the community were also invited. The selected persons were presented with a voucher worth $1,000 to assist in their purchase of Christmas groceries.

For 82-year old Lucille Lemessy, of Guayaguayare, it was a memorable experience, “This was a wonderful day spent with friends and family and bpTT really treated us like VIP guests. It is good to know that we’re appreciated. The music and camaraderie was welcome and sharing moments like these are priceless. The token was also appreciated and will go a long way to making this a Merry Christmas.” 

It was an organisation-wide effort with a team of almost 50 employees and members of the executive management team, coordinated by bpTT’s Tyrone Kalpee, Vice-President, Safety and Operational Risk.

The ceremony was spiced with entertainment from parang band Ritmos Calientes but it was an impromptu performance of Feliz Navidad by 10-year old Kimberly Woods that touched everyone. “We had a great time and on behalf of the Mayaro community we want to thank the bpTT family for including us in this celebration that really represents the sprit of the season,” Kimberly effused.