BPTT staff show support for national instrument

February 11, 2014

BPTT staff show support for national instrument

On the eve of Panorama 2014 judging, bpTT employees visited five panyards to show support for the national instrument. 

On Monday (February 10), accompanied by bpTT President Norman Christie, over 40 members of staff and their guests showed their love for pan by visiting  the pan yards of the Neal & Massy All Stars, PSC Nitrogen Silver Stars, Caribbean Airlines’ Invaders,  Petrotrin Phase II and of course their beloved BP Renegades.

“BPTT has been proudly supporting the national instrument for over forty years,” said Joann Carrington, bpTT Brand Advisor. “Of course we support the BP Renegades but by promoting the patronizing of pan yards via our pan yard crawl, we hope to inspire other pan lovers to enjoy the national instrument in the yards as well.” The pan yard crawl provided bpTT employees, their families and friends with an increased awareness and even greater appreciation for the steel pan and allowed everyone the opportunity to interact with each other in a fun and relaxed environment.  For many attendees it was their first time enjoying a “pan yard crawl”. 

All the pan yards were well patronized including the PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars where Ian Welch, President of the company greeted the bpTT contingent during their stay at the yard. Not to be outdone, at the Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove yard, famed arranger Len “Boogsie” Sharp and Khalid Hassanali, Petrotrin President held a mini reception for the bpTT contingent before quickly returning to their pre-judging practice. At each yard the bpTT pan lovers were warmly welcomed and recognized for their efforts in raising appreciation for steel pan. 

At the BP Renegades pan yard on Charlotte Street, the bpTT pan lovers joined members of the public gathered to enjoy some art with the sweet sounding pan. The BP Renegades yard is now home to one of the nation’s few two story building murals. The yellow and green mural by artist Darren Chee Wah is a tribute to the pan man and features pan men (and women) playing the national instrument. This year, the mural was extended to feature a 6 foot image of legendary pan arranger, Dr. Jit Samaroo. Under Jit’s leadership, the BP Renegades had won the coveted Panorama title on nine occasions, including three successive wins in Panorama.

Note to editors:

BPTT’s support for the national instrument has been 40+ years in the making. In 1970 bpTT’s legacy company AMOCO became the sole corporate sponsor of the famed Renegades steel pan band. The partnership between AMOCO, now bpTT, and the BP Renegades is the longest standing corporate sponsorship of a steel pan band in the history of Trinidad and Tobago. 

The BP Renegades are 9-time National Panorama champions and is the only band to have scored a wining hat-trick at the competition. The band also received the keys to the City of Port of Spain (1986), Pan Trinbago Award (1990) and the Chaconia Gold Medal (1992). 

Further information:

Danielle Jones, bpTT: +1 868 497-4747
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