MIPED spreads Christmas joy

"MIPED people are very nice. This was the best treat ever.”

December 22, 2014

The spirit of the season was in full swing at the bpTT Mayaro Resource Centre last weekend as hundreds of children and their parents enjoyed a Christmas treat hosted by the Mayaro Initiative for Private Enterprise Development (MIPED).

It was a wonderful experience for six-year old Alexander Dhanessar from Rio Claro, “I had so much fun with my mommy and baby sister. We got snacks, snow cone, ice cream, cake and popcorn and so much nice food. And there was a bouncy castle and face painting and even Santa came to give out gifts. MIPED people are very nice. This was the best treat ever.”

MIPED has set the benchmark as the first micro-finance lending organisation sponsored by a private non-financial company in Trinidad and Tobago. Started by BP Trinidad and Tobago in 2002 with a seed fund of $7 million, the aim of MIPED is to facilitate and expand the development of small business entrepreneurs and contribute to the development of the Mayaro community by providing a combination of financial and technical support to interested persons.

 Led by Chairman, Asraph Ali, MIPED has become an indispensible part of the economic and social landscape of Mayaro and environs.

 “This end-of-year event is simply about spending quality time with the families who form part of the MIPED family. It was wonderful to share this experience with the kids and see the excitement in their eyes. I must commend the entire MIPED staff for their hard work in making this event a seamless success and a good time was definitely had by all,” Ali explained. 

Giselle Thompson, Vice-President, Corporate Operations, bpTT, gave an overview of the milestones the organisation has achieved: “From inception to November of this year, MIPED has lent over $64.5 million through 3,114 loans that have facilitated the establishment of businesses and the creation of over 3,000 permanent and 6,000 temporary jobs. That is an undeniable contribution to the development of this community that we are very proud of.”

“All of this lends to the achievement of MIPED’s enduring vision to develop Mayaro and environs into a model community by creating business opportunities and employment that will build self esteem and improve the quality of life for residents,” Thompson added.

Samuel Harry brought his children and grandchildren to the festivities. “MIPED helped me when no one else could and I am very grateful. It is wonderful to see an organisation really become integrated with the community it serves,” Harry said.

Rory Jitta, MIPED Manager, was all smiles at the end of the day, “With every dream that each client achieves through our assistance, we become more successful. The excitement and sheer joy expressed by the kids is really what this season is about and it was a pleasure to share that with them today. We hope that 2015 brings with it happiness and prosperity for all of our clients and the entire south-eastern community that we serve. And we will do our part to make sure that happens.”