Rowan Joe Douglas joins bpTT rig fleet

BP Trinidad and Tobago LLC (bpTT) today announced that the Joe Douglas 240C jack up rig, owned and operated by Rowan Companies, has joined the bpTT rig fleet and has begun drilling at the bpTT Amherstia facility. 

BPTT Regional President Norman Christie commented: “The Joe Douglas rig is a welcome addition to the bpTT rig fleet. It represents an opportunity to access more hydrocarbons from our existing acreage in the Columbus Basin, and is a demonstration of our continued commitment to Trinidad and Tobago.”  

The Joe Douglas rig previously worked for another operator in Trinidad and was moored in Chaguaramas for approximately 45 days where it underwent maintenance. After completion of the maintenance work, the rig was moved to the offshore location alongside the Amherstia platform located off the south east coast of Trinidad, where it commenced drilling operations in October.

The jack-up rig will work alongside the Amherstia facility and will drill three new wells, with the potential for a fourth. The expected gas output from these three wells is approximately 235 million standard cubic feet a day (mmscfd). 

The Rowan Joe Douglas rig joins the bpTT rig fleet of Rowan EXL II (currently alongside the Mango platform) and Diamond Ocean Victory (currently completing the Juniper wells).

About Rowan Joe Douglas rig:

  • Type of rig: LeTourneau Technologies 240-C Class Jack-Up
  • Year in service: 2011
  • Maximum Water Depth: 350 ft
  • Maximum Drilling Depth: 35,000 ft
  • Quarters Accommodation (POB): 108 persons

Note to editors:

BPTT operates in 904,000 acres off Trinidad’s east coast. BPTT has 13 offshore platforms and two onshore processing facilities.

Further information:

  • Danielle A. Jones-Hunte, bpTT: +1 868 497-4747
  • Luis Araujo, bpTT: +1 868 793-3374
  • Elyse Guevara-Harris, bpTT: +1 868 740-2766

Cautionary statement:

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