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Social media updates will be posted in this page and at BP America's Twitter account when a storm system is in or near the Gulf that has the potential to impact BP's operations.

About BP's storm response activities

BP is committed to safe and reliable operations in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, where it operates four large production facilities and drilling rigs, is one of the industry’s largest leaseholders and is a leading producer of oil and natural gas.

During the 2018 hurricane season (June 1- Nov. 30) BP will be closely monitoring tropical storm activity and hurricanes that could impact our operations in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

Please check this page for the latest information on BP's storm response activities.

If you are a member of the media and have questions, please email the U.S. Press Inbox at

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BP Chief Meteorologist Ed Bracken explains how he and his team work together to forecast the weather around the company’s North American operations.

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