BP Wind Energy Careers

If you're an energy company looking to the future, you have to be in renewables.
Laura Folse, CEO BP Wind Energy
Welcome to BP Wind Energy careers. With a wide-range of disciplines from engineering to asset management, from the field to the office, BP Wind Energy offers a unique opportunity to join an exciting new industry while signing on with an established global leader in energy.  With interests in nine states, BP operates 10 wind farms and is the 13th largest producer of wind energy in the U.S.*
From an engineering standpoint, this is an exciting time to be working in the wind industry.  Utility-scale wind technology is relatively young, which means the technology and how we operate is still developing and changing rapidly.
Annette Andersen, Performance Services Team Manager

A Unique Opportunity

BP Wind Energy offers unrivalled opportunities for a dynamic and rewarding career covering a full spectrum of energy jobs. As a part of a multi-national company, you’ll enjoy the distinct advantage that comes from unique opportunities to advance your career in the many parts of BP’s global business. To learn more about our businesses, visit bp.com.

Veterans in Energy

BP is proud to support U.S. military veterans as they transition into the civilian work force. The company also believes that hiring veterans is good business, because BP’s values of safety, respect, excellence, courage and teamwork align with the armed forces’ core principles.

The value of teamwork is very important in the military and it is the same at BP. The other value that is stressed all the time is safety.  In the Marines and at BP Wind Energy, you think foremost about safety.
Ryan Blaine, USMC veteran

As an employer, BP offers excellent benefits and policies that promote service in the Guard and Reserve, and the Department of Defense has honored the company for these efforts. In the U.S., employees receive differential pay and continued health coverage during periods of qualifying military leave. Read about our commitment to veterans at bp.com/usveterans and on the BP Careers site .

Join our Team

Are you ready to explore job opportunities in the rapidly growing wind industry? Discover a variety of opportunities at bp.com/careers.

*according to IHS Energy's North America Wind Plant Ownership Rankings 2015 report