Advancing the energy transition in the U.S.

BP is embracing the dual challenge

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The world is growing like never before, creating opportunity for billions of people. And all this growth requires energy. But as the world demands more energy it also demands that it be produced and delivered in new ways, with fewer emissions.

At BP, we embrace this dual challenge. We have always looked to the future, adapted to change and met challenges like this head on.

Making every type of energy cleaner and better

To deliver significantly lower emissions, we need to look at everything we do. A race to renewables will not be enough. That’s why we are making bold changes across our entire business.

Here’s how we are doing it: by reducing, improving, creating. We’re reducing emissions in our own operations; we’re improving our products to help customers lower their emissions; and we’re creating low carbon businesses.

Using natural gas to help power America

Natural gas is the fastest-growing hydrocarbon fuel and is going to be more important than ever as part of the energy mix. It’s an important back-up for wind and solar intermittency, and it burns 50% cleaner than coal in power generation.

Gas is a good thing when it is produced, distributed and consumed without reaching the atmosphere first. However, methane – the main component of natural gas – is understood to have a higher global warming potential than CO2 if it finds its way into the atmosphere before it’s burned.

Which is why we’re using innovative technologies to capture and reduce methane – like solar-powered pumps, infrared cameras and inspection drones. And why we’ve set a stringent and immediate 0.2% methane intensity target, which is supported by the Environmental Defense Fund.

BP’s low carbon ambitions