Safety is everyone’s job

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Meet the men and women who continuously improve safety across BP’s operations.

From engineers to team leads to field techs, we’re always passing knowledge down the line. We share a common meeting table where we openly discuss the details of our daily events. These discussions allow us to see various ways to safely approach work scenarios. More than any job I’ve had in this industry, I feel incredibly safe knowing there’s always someone to go to for an answer, no matter the question. I’m proud to work for such a goal-driven company that’s as committed to safety as BP.
Safety at BP’s wind farms starts with observation. My team’s job is to be deeply aware of what’s happening in our surroundings. My team may not be climbing turbines, but we still have an intense obligation to foster BP’s safety culture. We want each employee to get home safe. Back to their families. Back to their lives. We want everyone to feel protected, because they are. It’s an attitude that affects you even if you’re not turning the crank.
As an engineer, I look at ways to build efficient systems. At BP, “efficient” always means “safe” first. I’m encouraged to look beyond the system to consider our colleagues who will actually carry out the job and think about the impact of the work on them. The workers are key to any system’s efficiency — so their safety needs to be paramount. I am not going to ask them to do anything I would not be willing to do myself. If it isn’t safe enough for me, it’s not efficient for anyone.
An outsider to the industry may expect the emphasis on safety to be made along the front lines offshore. As a drilling engineer, I support rig site personnel from behind the scenes to deliver a safe and compliant operation. Even though I only visit the rigs a few times a year, I’m just as focused on safe operations as those on the platform.