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About us

bp Target Neutral is part of the bp group of businesses. Since 2006, we have helped a wide range of individuals and businesses to reduce, replace and neutralize their carbon emissions
Diagram showing the four sectors in which BP Target Neutral is helping customers reduce emissions

Not only have we helped customers offset more than 5 million tonnes of carbon emissions – but the carbon finance has also helped to improve the lives of millions of people through better access to energy, health, education, and jobs, and helped protect thousands of hectares of globally significant habitat.

We work with teams inside and outside BP to develop new carbon neutral products and services.

These include carbon neutral fuelcards, lubricants to keep engines moving and petrochemical products used to make everyday items such as plastics, paints, clothes and packaging.

And we provide a range of services that help you take your entire business operations carbon neutral and make carbon neutral part of your own customer offer.

We can do this because as part of BP, we bring more than a century of energy expertise to businesses and consumers around the globe.

We’re using that expertise to grow BP’s own business while reducing and offsetting its operational carbon emissions.

And we’re sharing that expertise with our customers.