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Taking action on carbon

bp Target Neutral can help you or your business take action on carbon by:


Developing new ‘carbon neutral’ products and services for your customers

Certified carbon neutral status helps your brand meet the demands of customers who are seeking to reduce their environmental impact.

We’ve helped to develop a wide range of ‘carbon neutral’ products and services including fuels, lubricants and chemicals, digital tools such as carbon calculators, fuel cards, and smartphone apps and expert advice that can help you incorporate carbon neutral into your business and your customer offer. 


Achieving full ‘carbon neutral’ status for your entire business 

More businesses are going carbon neutral.  This means they have first taken steps to reduce their operational emissions and then to offset any residual emissions to go ‘net zero’. 


It’s a great way of kick-starting a long-term carbon reduction programme and telling investors, stakeholder communities and staff that your business is serious about tackling carbon.   


Contributing to economic, social and environmental benefits for local communities around the world

By tackling your carbon footprint through bp Target Neutral, you also get to support carbon-reducing projects around the world that can boost local economies, create jobs and improve people's health & wellbeing. Carbon offsetting has already touched the lives of millions of people around the world.