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bp honored by Society for Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE)

Release date:
2 November 2022
As part of progressing its DE&I strategy and ambitions, bp actively partners with the Society for Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE), an organization dedicated to the advancement of Asian heritage scientists and engineers in education and employment so that they can achieve their full career potential.

Over the past two years, bp has been recognized with several awards at the corporate, executive, and individual levels.
In 2021, bp was named SASE Organization of the Year for demonstrating a long-standing commitment to cultural diversity and inclusion in the workplace with support, advocacy, and services that address the development and advancement of diverse populations.
In 2022, Al Vickers as CEO of bp Wind Energy in the US, won SASE Executive of the Year for his consistent dedication and commitment to the growth and advancement of engineering and science through engagement and contributions to SASE and/or the Asian and Pacific Islander community. 

Individuals within the bp Asian network (bp Inclusia) have been highlighted by SASE for their achievements and contributions to their professions and networks.

A headshot of Thu Addis

Thu Addis

2021 Technical/Research/Business Achievement and 2022 ERG Leadership

A headshot of Rani Desai

Rani Desai

2021 Promising Professional (2-10 years)

A headshot of Michelle Duyongco

Michelle Duyongco

2021 ERG leadership

A headshot of Madhav Madaboosi

Madhav Madaboosi

2022 Technical/Research/Business Achievement