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Lightsource bp

As part of our plan to become an integrated energy company, we combine our trading, mobility and customer expertise with Lightsource bp’s world-class solar project development experience and execution capabilities to deliver renewable power to our customers
An aerial view of Wildflower Solar farm in Sacramento County, California with rows of solar panels against a brown landscape


Wildflower Solar is a 16.5-megawatt solar farm in Sacramento County, California. Wildflower generates enough renewable energy to cover the equivalent annual electricity needs of 2,624 homes in Northern California.

An aerial view of Bighorn Solar farm in Pueblo, Colorado with rows of solar panels and a steel mill in the background


Bighorn Solar is 300-megawatt solar farm in Pueblo, Colorado. Bighorn powers the world’s first steel mill to run almost entirely on solar by delivering renewable energy to Xcel Energy and the EVRAZ steel company. It is the largest on-site solar facility in the US dedicated to a single customer, with more than 750,000 solar panels providing nearly all the plant’s annual electricity demand. This will enable the mill to produce some of the world’s greenest steel and steel products. 

An aerial view of Johnson Corner Solar farm in Stanton County, Kansas, with rows of solar panels on brown ground


Johnson Corner Solar is a 27.5-megawatt solar farm in Stanton County, Kansas. It is the largest solar farm in Kansas, consisting of 75,000 solar panels across 144 acres and generates enough renewable electricity to power 5,165 homes across central and western Kansas every year.

Two side-by-side solar panels, facing upward


In August 2021 Lightsource bp signed a new power purchase agreement with McDonald’s and eBay for a 345MW solar project under development in Louisiana. The project will be the largest solar project in the state and will help McDonald’s and eBay meet their sustainability goals and advance their commitment to climate action.

An aerial view of Bluewater Solar farm in New Mexico with rows of solar panels on brown ground

New Mexico

Grants Solar and Bluewater Solar are solar farms that together generate 9-megawatts of renewable energy for New Mexico’s Continental Divide Electric Coop (CDEC). Grants & Bluewater can power 1,700 homes per year.

Rows of solar panels


In April 2021 Lightsource bp also signed a new power purchase agreement with Amazon for a 375MW solar project under development in northwestern Ohio. Once complete, the facility is expected to deliver nearly 600,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy for local Amazon operations every year, an amount comparable to the annual electricity consumption of 55,000 US homes. The project also is expected to save 423,700 metric tons of CO₂ per year.

An aerial view of Penn State Solar farm with rows panels and the sun setting in the background


Penn State Solar is a 70-megawatt solar farm that provides 25% of Penn State University’s state-wide electricity needs. One of the largest in the state, the project is comprised of over 150,000 solar panels installed across three sites, encompassing approximately 500 acres of land in Franklin County, outside of Chambersburg, and near Penn State’s Mont Alto campus.


Elsewhere in Franklin County is Elk Hill Solar 2, a 17.5-megawatt solar farm that was developed under a power purchase agreement with Southern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). The project is the first of two solar farms being developed for SEPTA. Upon completion of the second, Elk Hill 2 will generate an estimated 27-megwatts of renewable power, or nearly 10 percent of SEPTA’s annual electricity need.

Two people walk between rows of solar panels at Impact Solar farm in Lamar County, Texas


Texas is home to three large-scale, fully operational Lightsource bp solar projects.


The largest, Impact Solar, is a 260-megawatt solar farm located in Lamar County, 120 miles northeast of Dallas. The majority of the renewable energy generated at Impact is contracted through a long-term agreement with bp’s trading and shipping business.


Elm Branch Solar is a 163-megawatt solar farm located 40 miles south of Dallas and provides renewable power to L3Harris Technology, a global aerospace and defense technology innovator. The Elm Branch Solar project helps L3Harris achieve its sustainability goals while spurring development of renewable infrastructure in Texas.


Briar Creek Solar, also located near Dallas in Navarro County, is a 153-megawatt solar farm. This project provides renewable energy under an innovative power contract with the Capital Solutions unit of Allianz Global Corporate & Specifically (AGCS), in partnership with Nephila Climate.  This project provides renewable energy under an innovative power contract with the Capital Solutions unit of Allianz Global Corporate & Specifically (AGCS), in partnership with Nephila Climate.