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Gulf of Mexico innovation

Dynamic Digital Twin

Advanced digital tools are already in use across our US businesses and operations. For example, our Dynamic Digital Twin (DDT) software has been instrumental in the development of our Argos platform, the centerpiece of our $9 billion Mad Dog 2 project in the Gulf of Mexico that’s scheduled to come online in 2023.


DDT creates a skeleton copy of the platform, helping us virtually plan for startup by bringing together everything from engineering drawings to real-time sensor readings in one place.

DDT’s patent-pending algorithm pulls together a host of sources, linking complex data from Argos systems to lifelike 3D models and putting that information at users’ fingertips. It allows our teams to visualize everything happening below the subsurface, up through the production systems, into the platform and out the export line, helping them make better decisions, optimize production and identify potential issues. Subsea engineers can now get an up-close look at underwater sensor readings and inspection footage, as well as build simulations to test procedures, which improves safety and increases efficiency.

Seismic technology

In bp’s Gulf of Mexico business, we're using 4D seismic imaging ocean-bottom node surveys to support production decisions. The business also uses digital rocks technology, which can simulate 3D digital models of reservoir rock and help us make faster, better-informed decisions about where to safely explore and drill.