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Biogas sites

Through our joint ventures with Aria Energy and Clean Energy Fuels Corp, bp owns operating facilities that capture methane from waste to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) — or “biogas” — for the US transportation sector

Reducing emissions across sectors

Agriculture accounts for nearly 10% of US greenhouse gas emissions, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Capturing methane from farm waste can lower these emissions.


The process begins with anaerobic digestion, which involves microorganisms breaking down biodegradable material in a closed system called a digester. One of the end products is biogas, primarily methane, which can be processed into RNG and used to fuel vehicles.


RNG-fueled vehicles are estimated to result in up to 95% emissions than those fueled by gasoline or diesel on a lifecycle basis, according to a US Department of Energy study.

Our joint ventures

Mavrix, our joint venture with Aria Energy, owns RNG production facilities in Michigan, Oklahoma, and two facilities in Tennessee.


It also recently broke ground on three new projects with Aligned Digesters to capture methane from waste at three dairy farms in California’s Central Valley and process it into RNG for transportation fuel. The farms will use digesters to produce biogas from farm waste which would otherwise have been allowed to decompose and release methane into the atmosphere.


In addition to Mavrix, bp also finalized another joint venture with Clean Energy Fuels to develop, own and operate new RNG projects at agricultural facilities, including dairies, to produce RNG using the methane captured from farm waste.