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Reducing carbon emissions

We support reducing carbon emissions. Bills like Washington’s SB-5981 are the right way to do it. 
bp believes well-designed carbon pricing provides everyone incentives to help reduce emissions.


We believe effective legislation is:

  • Economy wide. A good bill should hold all businesses to the same standard, level the economic playing field and allow for predictability. 
  • Competitive. It includes mechanisms that allow Washington’s energy-intensive, trade-exposed industries to remain competitive. 
  • Market based. Allowing linkage to carbon markets in other states, like California, creates opportunities to work together on the carbon challenge. 

bp is focused on bringing down carbon emissions throughout our operations with innovative ventures and in the products we offer consumers. Cap and invest programs like SB-5981 in Washington state embody the principles that create investment opportunities and encourage the right behaviors. 


The transition to a lower carbon economy requires everyone to be involved, from individual consumers to corporations to governments. Together we can help Washington meet its carbon reduction goals. 

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