BP Fleetmove

BP FleetMove is coming!

Make the Smart Move to a fleet management solution that saves you both time and money. BP Go Your way.

It’s a one-size-fits-all world out there. Wouldn’t it be great if, just once, things started going your way? At BP, we go your way with smart fleet offerings that build themselves around the specific needs of your business. Whatever the size of your fleet, we can help reduce the size of your costs.

Introducing a fleet card that helps you clean up your running costs both inside and out. Get access to over 500 BP service stations and BP’s new Ultimate fuels with Active Technology, designed to eat dirt so your fleet engines don’t have to - it means cleaner engines that deliver more kilometres for your money.

Experience peace of mind from the safe, secure, always-on fraud control and discover one of South Africa’s most extensive refuelling networks.

Explore the convenience of fuel credit pre-authorisation, rewards and value add-ons. Feel the benefits of responsive, respectful service and the daily delivery on our customer promise through one single point of contact.

BP FleetMove is dedicated to finding innovative solutions engineered to make things go your way.

Make the Smart Move to BP FleetMove today. Visit bp.co.za/fleetmove