Fill up at BP and go further with Avios

Welcome to Avios Travel Rewards Programme, turning your everyday spend into extraordinary experiences. Turn your fuel into flights.

BP wants to reward you, our loyal customer, by giving you something back when you fill up with us. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Avios Travel Rewards Programme - a programme that lets you collect, accumulate and exchange your Avios points for a flight to any destination in the world.

Register to activate your card and start collecting!

Step 1:

Ask a petrol attendant at your local BP for an Avios card.

Step 2:

Visit the Avios website or the SA Avios Call Centre to begin your registration, or call 0 214 277 555

Step 3:

Follow the step-by-step instructions online to successfully activate your Avios card.

Collecting Avios points at your local BP is easy

Avios Card:

2 litres = 1 Avios

With every 2 litres of fuel bought, you'll earn 1 Avios

Avios Credit Card:

1 Avios for every R10 spent

Why not accelerate your Avios point earnings with our Avios partners?

1 Avios for every 8 Smart Shopper points you switch

2 Avios for every R100 of property value sold

5 Avios for every 1 Lifestyle Rand converted

1 Avios for every R3 spent

Up to 3 Avios for every 1 mile flown

Up to 2.5 Avios for every 1 mile flown

3 Avios per R10 spent

1 Avios for every R10 spent