BP Express Offers

View the latest monthly offers from BP Express below

The grocery range at BP Express shops caters for those unplanned everyday fill-up needs.

In the larger stores you’ll even find enough to cater for your weekly shopping requirements. From coal and fire kindling to dental floss and toilet rolls, our BP Express shops stock all those practical home and personal care essentials, along with your favourite treats.

The below promotions are valid from 1 September 2017 to 31 October 2017 while stocks last.

Red Bull

Deal consists of 2 x Red Bull 355ml @ R35.00

Bonaqua & Nestlé

Deal consists of 1 x Bonaqua Pump 750ml + 1 x Nestlé Countline 40g @ R16.50

Pringles & Snickers

Deal consists of 1 x Pringles 42g + 1 Snickers Bar 50g @ R18.50

Simba & Mr Sweet

Deal consists of 1 x Simba Lay’s 36g + 1 x Mr Sweet Packet 60g @ R12.50

Krush & Simba Pop Corn

Deal consists of 1 x Krush 1L + Big Simba Pop Corn @ R32.00


Deal consists of a combination of any two 500ml Tropika or 425ml Tropika Slenda products @ R22.00

Super M & Paddle Pop

Deal consists of 1 x Super M 300ml + 1 x Paddle Pop Ice Cream 90ml @ R26.00