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Industry skills and developments

The Industry Skills Development focus area of our CSI strategy is a major component of our overall CSI programme, because we believe in empowering communities by providing the necessary skills that will enable them to “fish” for themselves rather than us providing fish for them.

We aim to provide the necessary tools that will enable learners to contribute to society in a more meaningful way, by either being gainfully employed or by starting their own businesses. We invest in communities so that they can be able to sustain themselves socio-economically, beyond our involvement. 

This focus area also aims to create a pool of future professional in some of the areas that are identified by government as critical skills areas. This is mainly done through partnerships with educational institutions, like WITS.


WITS TTP (Targeting Talent Programme)

BP have partnered with WITS TTP on a programme that aims to increase the academic, social and psychological preparation of selected learners from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds for admission to, enrolment and success at South African Universities.




BP Investment

BP’s initial investment towards the programme was R10m, and BP has made the commitment to invest a further R105m to keep the programme running for the next five years. That makes WITS TTP BP’s flagship social responsibility project for the next decade.

Learners are selected from disadvantaged schools across the country while they are in Grade 10, placed in the programme for 3 years, and supported until they sit for their Matric examinations. 
The three year preparation involves a residential academic enrichment curriculum, where learners are taught by WITS University lecturers, a residential personal development skills curriculum, a residential educator development curriculum, and a mathematics and science redress curriculum.


Return on Investment to the country


  • Out of 200 learners who enrolled for the programme in 2010, 192 learners completed the programme, while the other 8 dropped out for personal reasons.
  • All 192 sat for their Matric examinations and all passed with exemption (achieving entrance to universities)
  • The Country’s 2012 Matric Top Learner, Mmadikgetho Komane, was one of our TTP Learners that graduated from our programme last year. This 18-year-old girl from Glen-Cowie Girls High School in Limpopo was rated the best overall learner in the country by scoring 100% in Mathematics, Physical Science and Accounting. She also received distinctions in SePedi, English, Life Orientation and Life Science. Mmadikgetho will be studying Actuarial Science at WITS University.
  • The other 17 learners from the programme achieved a minimum of 6 distinctions.
  • This gives us comfort that our partnership with WITS is working exceptionally well, and we are committed to continuing with the programme for the next 5 years, touching over 1 000 learners’ lives and changing their future.