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Air bp

Air bp incorporates Air bp fuels and lubricants.

Air bp fuels

Air bp is one of the world's largest suppliers of aviation fuels and services. We have a network of operations at around 600 locations in over 45 countries and sell over seven billion gallons of fuel a year, including at 65 locations in Sub-Saharan Africa. 


As the specialised aviation division of bp, we provide innovative and flexible solutions to meet the needs of all our customers, from all sections of the aviation industry – airlines, corporate & general aviation, and the public sector. 


For more information on our full range of aviation fuels and services, including how to apply for a Sterling Card, visit our global site.



Air bp lubricants

Air bp Lubricants has a range of high-quality turbine lubricants for aviation, designed to suit your every need, with a strong presence globally via direct sales as well as being represented locally through key distributors. 


This combination of local representation within a global organisation enables us to focus on our relationship with our partners, be they customers, airport operators or other third parties. 

Building strong relationships helps us to understand specific needs, enabling us to seek out innovative and flexible solutions to meet exacting requirements, particularly during a challenging economic operational environment. We are committed to supporting the industry with exceptional products. In addition, we also provide technical services and engineering consultancy to partners worldwide. 

Please contact your local representative for further details or visit http://www.airbp.com/lubricants.

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