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Pump Up Your Smart Shopper Points

Pump up your Smart Shopper points when you fill up at participating BP service stations nationwide! That's right, you can now earn 10 points for every litre when you refuel at BP! On your way to work, the mall or your next road trip, make sure you #PumpUpYourPoints at BP! Terms and conditions apply.


But that's not all. We are running an exciting competition, Smart Shopper Millionaire, which puts you in line to win a whopping

1 million Smart Shopper points!  Get  to your nearest participating BP service station, fill up , swipe and you could be our next Millionaire!  Check out the weekly winners on our Facebook and Twitter pages! Terms and conditions apply.










Pump up your Smart Shopper points in three easy steps

Link to Smart Shopper Website


Smartshopper help line

0800 112 288

BP Help Desk

0860 222 456