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BP FuelLink

FuelLink - secure, web-based software to monitor the refuelling transactions of your fleet vehicles

What is BP FuelLink?

FuelLink is a secure, web-based software package that provides information about the on-road refuelling transactions of fleet vehicles. It is available free of charge to all customers with diesel fleets installed with FuelMaster, or customers using the BP Fuelcard. All you need is a suitable PC running Windows, with internet access. 

Key benefits

  • FuelLink provides instant access to the central transaction database, which is updated every 24 hours.
  • Reports can be set up to be automatically received by the user either daily, weekly or monthly.
  • It dramatically reduces the administrative burden.
  • It can generate reports specific to vehicles, drivers, sub-divisions or the fleet as a whole.
  • With fuel costs making up 25% of the running costs of a vehicle, FuelLink – used in conjunction with FuelMaster – can save you money if managed correctly.
  • It rapidly identifies transaction problems and possible abuse of the FuelMaster system, eliminating the need to wait for a monthly report.
  • It pinpoints specific problem areas, such as driver, vehicle, site or location problems.
  • FuelLink provides the exact fuel usage of each vehicle.
  • It monitors routes and fuel usage of vehicles when they are away from home-base.
  • It can be used as a check on odometer readings.

How does it work?

Every time a vehicle refuels at one of the FuelMaster sites, the transaction is automatically recorded on the site computer. This information is uploaded daily from the site terminal to the central computer at BP’s head office in Cape Town. Details of the transactions can then be accessed by fleet managers on a daily basis via the internet.

Please phone our help desk on 0860 222 155 for further enquiries or technical support.