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Cars, bakkies and taxis

The engine is the heart of a vehicle, so you want it to carry on running as good as new. Harmful deposits can build up rapidly in engines run on inferior quality fuels, preventing them from operating efficiently and performing as they were designed to.
BP Ultimate is advanced fuel technology that can benefit cars, bakkies and taxis of all kinds and ages – think of it as healthcare for your road fleet!
5 reasons to fill up with BP Ultimate Unleaded


Clean engines work better
Enjoy the benefits of more power and sharper acceleration. BP Ultimate Unleaded powerfully cleans engines while the vehicle is on the road, so it runs more smoothly and efficiently. It not only slows down engines’ ageing process, but also removes existing engine deposits caused by the use of ordinary fuels. Plus, it contains a special formula designed to lower the friction in an engine.

BP Ultimate takes you further
From independent tests on a range of vehicles, we have gained that using BP Ultimate Unleaded can improve fuel economy by up to 25 kilometres per tank. So, for a typical car doing average mileage that could mean up to 720 extra kilometres in a year. This means improved fuel economy for your road fleet and reduced petrol costs.

BP Ultimate Unleaded reduces exhaust emissions
A clean engine leads to improved combustion efficiency, which in turn helps reduce harmful emissions. As part of our commitment to the environment, our fuel is specially formulated to deliver more performance from an engine, but produce fewer harmful emissions from the exhaust.

The AA recommends BP Ultimate
BP Ultimate has been given a stamp of approval from the AA following independent tests, which demonstrate the fuel’s ability to clean engines. This means more mileage per tank, with less exhaust emissions.

Tried and tested
At BP we want to be sure we can prove that Ultimate really does what it says – so we put it to the test, using more than 60 vehicles of various makes, models and ages. The testing protocol was carefully developed to be representative of motorists switching from conventional, ordinary fuels to BP Ultimate. Tests are also conducted on brand new cars using BP Ultimate from the start.