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BP FleetMove

Make the smart move to BP FleetMove

Do you own a fleet of cars or vans?
It’s a one-size-fits-all world out there. Wouldn’t it be great, if just once, things started going your way? Whatever the size of your fleet, we can help reduce the size of your costs. BP in partnership with Absa, has designed an innovative smart fleet solution to make things go your way.


We understand that fleets come in all shapes and sizes, from a single car to a multi-vehicle mix of thousands. That’s why we’ve created a fuel card designed to take advantage of BP’s network, fuel expertise and quality.

Make the smart move and get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements in more detail or to apply for your BP FleetMove card.


Tel: 0860 222 456
Email: bpfleetmove@bp.com