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Discovery Insure

Discovery Insure, a world where you are rewarded for good driving!

Discovery Insure encourages safe driving through Vitality Drive, the behavioural-based programme that rewards you for driving well.


As a Discovery Insure client you get:

Monthly fuel cash back for driving well

You can get up to 50% of your bp Fuel and Gautrain spend back each month. You can also choose to have your fuel rewards doubled and paid into your Insure Funder Account to fund any car claim excess.

Intelligent technology to keep you safe

Get access to state-of-the-art safety features like Impact Alert, which can detect if you've been in a severe accident and can send help immediately, even if we can't get hold of you.


Other rewards for driving well

Join Vitality Active Rewards to earn thousands of Discovery Miles every week for achieving your Drive goal. Also, as a Discovery Insure and Bank client, the more Drive goals you achieve, the more you get back and you can experience it all in the Discovery Bank app. Also get discounts from Tiger Wheel & Tyre, Bosch, Toys R Us and Born Fabulous while getting up to 25% of Uber, Road Trip and Scooter Angels.

Earn up to 20% back in Discovery Miles

Discovery Bank clients with Vitality Money can earn up to 20% back in Discovery Miles on fuel spend. 

This is in addition to the up to 50% fuel cash back you already get as a Vitality Drive client. 

All you have to do is use your Discovery Bank credit card to pay for your fuel at bp service stations. 

Get pumped up for summer terms and conditions



1.  This campaign is promoted by Discovery Insure (“Discovery”/ “we”/ “us””).


2.  Discovery Insure Limited is an authorised financial services provider. Registration number 2009/011882/06. Product rules, terms and conditions apply. Full product details including limitations can be found on our website, www.discovery.co.za or you can call 0860 751 751.


3.  You may participate in this campaign if you live in South Africa and you are:

a. 18 years or older; and

b. not a director, member, partner, agent*, employee or consultant of the Discovery group of companies (“the Discovery Group”) or any supplier of goods or services in connection with 

the campaign; and

c. not the spouse, life partner, business partner or associate, or the natural or adopted parent, child, or sibling of any of the persons specified in b. above.

*An agent includes tied financial advisors but excludes independent financial advisors.


4.  Participation in this campaign and acceptance of any prize (if you are a winner) is subject to your acceptance of the terms and conditions set out herein and, if applicable, the terms and conditions
of the prize.

5.  All information relating to this campaign and published by Discovery on any promotional material will form part of these terms and conditions.


6.  The campaign starts on 2 October 2023 and ends at 23:59 on 29 November 2023 (“campaign period”). Entries received outside of these dates and times will not be valid. 


7.  To stand a chance to win, you have to fill up for R600 or more at BP and swipe your Vitality Drive card. We will be giving away weekly prizes during the campaign period and the grand prize draws at
the end of each month.


8.  A week runs from Monday to Sunday and we will announce the weekly winners on the Monday.


9.  Each person will receive only one entry into the campaign. You must have filled up at least once in the month to go into the grand prize draw. We will give away one grand prizes per month where

the grand prize is drawn on the last day of each month


10.  In month 1 (October 2023), all eligible entries received during the period of 2 October 2023 to 30

October 2023 will go into a random draw where -

a. 40 winners will win Westlife tickets;

b. 30 winners will win a R1,000 BP voucher; and

c. 6 winners will win a R5,000 Tiger Wheel & Tyre voucher.

d. There will be 10 grand prize winners announced on 31 October 2023 who will get an Audi


11.  In month 2 (November 2023), all eligible entries received during the period of 31 October 2023 to 29 November 2023 will go into a random draw where -

a. 10 winners will win a hot air balloon experience;

b. 30 winners will win a R1,000 BP voucher; and

c. 6 winners will win a R5,000 Tiger Wheel & Tyre voucher.

d. There will be 10 grand prize winners announced on 30 November 2023 who will win a R10,000

cash voucher.


12.  Winners will be announced on official Discovery and BP social media channels and will be notified by means of email and phone call that they have won. For Clarification, the winners of the weekly

draws will be announced every Monday during the campaign period and the grand prize winners will be announced on 31 October 2023 and on 30 November 2023.

13.  The results of any and all draws will be final and Discovery will not enter into any correspondence in respect thereof.


14.  If we are unable to get hold of a winner for a period of 3 months or if a winner does not respond to our email within 3 months we may select another winner with no liability to the original winner.


15.  Discovery will not be responsible for costs incurred by the winner relating to the prize or participation in the campaign.


16.  The prize is non-transferable, may not be sold to another person and cannot be exchanged for cash and/or any other consideration.


17.   We may request the following of the winner, which the winner may accept or decline:

a. their attendance at the winner announcement or prize award ceremony;

b. videos and/or photos taken by us of the winner at the ceremony; and

c. publication of the winner’s name and/or a video and/or photos of them in any media to promote and advertise any of our brands, goods or services with no fees or royalties paid to

the winner.


18.   We may request the following of participants and winners, which they may accept or decline:

a. videos and/or photos of the participants and winners taken by or on behalf of the Organisers during the Event and/or at the prize giving ceremony; and

b. publication of those videos and/or photos in any media to promote and advertise the Event and the products and services of the Organisers. 


19.   We will use and process the information that you provide to us for purposes of the campaign and in accordance with our privacy statement available on the Discovery website privacy statement at


20.   You may write to us at privacy@discovery.co.za should you have any questions or concerns regarding how we will use your personal information.


21.   When you visit our page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media application (jointly “Social Media Applications”) for purposes of the campaign, you are interacting with and
providing information to Discovery and not to the Social Media Applications concerned. The Social Media Applications are not responsible for the accuracy of information posted by Discovery or participants of the campaign on Discovery’s pages on the Social Media Applications and the campaign is also not sponsored, endorsed or administrated by the Social Media Applications.


22.   Although Discovery will use reasonable endeavours to verify the identity of a winner before providing them with a prize, Discovery will have no liability to a winner in the event of their prize
having been provided to an incorrect recipient in good faith, including as a result of the winner’s social medial account having been copied or hacked.


23.  Where a campaign is conducted on a social media platform and more than one person claims to be the owner of a winner’s social medical account or there are more than one social media accounts
for the same winner, Discovery will not conduct an investigation to determine the true owner or account and may –

a. give the prize to the most likely account owner in Discovery’s sole and absolute discretion with no liability to the other alleged account owners; or

b. not provide the prize to any of the alleged account owners, with no liability to any of them.


24.   We may take steps to verify the identity of a winner and the winner’s compliance with the campaign entry requirements. Where we are unable to verify a winner’s identity or their compliance with the campaign entry requirements, we may select another winner with no liability to the original winner.


25.   Any violation or attempt to violate any of the campaign rules set out herein will result in immediate disqualification of the entrant.


26.   Any error or omission that may occur on any material issued by Discovery or by the suppliers of the prizes (“the Organisers”) relating to the campaign or prize is subject to correction by the Organisers without liability.


27.   Discovery reserves the right to change or cancel the terms and conditions of the campaign at any time at its discretion and entrants will have no claim against the Organisers as a result of such

change or cancellation.


28.  You agree that your participation in the campaign and your acceptance and/or use of a prize, or any aspect thereof, is voluntary and at your own risk.


29.   The Organisers do not make any representation, promise or guarantee regarding any prize, its performance or its appropriateness or suitability for any particular purpose.


30.   If the prize is a ticket to an event, cancellation of the event for whichever reason will not result inthe Organisers being liable to you.


31.   Circumstances outside of the Organisers’ control that result in you not being able to use or redeem your prize will not result in the Organisers being liable to you. 


32.   The Organisers are not responsible for any claim, loss, damage, damages, injury or death (“Losses”) that may be incurred or suffered by your or any other person as a result of your participation in a
campaign and/or your acceptance of a prize.

33. You agree to indemnify and hold the Discovery Group, the Organisers and their suppliers, agents and contractors harmless in respect of any Losses incurred or suffered by them as a result of your
participation in the campaign and/or your acceptance of a prize. 



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